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logo About This Website

This is a privately owned Cuban Cigar information website.

It is totally advert free and has free and unrestricted entry.

There are no sales of any type on this website.


This website is about information.....not fancy presentation techniques. Most data is only several clicks away.

Website access is by the main menu bar, displayed at the top of each page.  The menu bar is sub-divided into groups to indicate each sub-menu basic content. Hovering over the link will display further information. The home page also contains a detailed site map.

Clicking on a link will take your to a page that has either sub-links or drop-down boxes. Clicking on these links will take you direct to the information. Many pages can also be scrolled down to view the entire contents.  Users are encouraged to try all the links as there is plenty of information available.

Many of the images throughout the website can be clicked to display a larger higher-definition image (the mouse cursor will change to a pointing hand).


This website was created in 2006 by Trevor Leask and was first announced on the Friends of Habanos Cuban cigar forum. 

In 2008 Alexander Groom offered to develop a database version of the website. This allowed quick and accurate updating of data and the introduction of an advanced search function. Since then Alex's suggestions and feedback have resulted in many substantial improvements to the website and without his assistance the website would never have progressed to its present stage.

In 2010 progressive upgrading of cigar images commenced to include higher quality images of actual cigars and several further programming improvements were carried out.

In 2011 the website underwent a colour change. The original website was colour-coded, but quickly changed to a brown (tobacco) scheme, followed by grey, then green, and finally in 2014 to its current more graphical brown and gold scheme.

In 2012 day-to-day updating of the website and answering of emails etc was handed over to Alexander Groom. Trevor Leask continues to maintain ownership and editorial oversight of the website but expects to fully hand over control the website to Alex by the end of 2014.

In 2013 all the previously text-based packaging information was uploaded to a database, enabling users to search by packaging type. The overall search functions were also extended to include search by cigar (find or identify), search by brand, search by release, search by packaging, search by date, and advanced search. A list of discontinued brands existing before the 1960 Revolution has been commenced.

In 2014 a collection management feature was added. This allows logged in users to track inventory, write reviews and compile wish-lists on the site itself.

Updating the Website

Correct and up-to-date information is the lifeblood of this website.

Can you provide missing information, such as: dates that packaging was discontinued, background history to releases, etc.?

Have you seen any errors or omissions?  Do you have any suggestions or requests? Many of the site's features have come from website users' requests and suggestions!

Can you supply images of special releases, packaging, etc. missing from the website, or can you supply better images?

Please photograph items on a well-lit plain white or contrasting background, and please email the full untouched .jpg file, which can be compressed if necessary.

To send me an email if you can help with Information or Images..... Click here

Cash Donations

A cash donation option has been added for website users who would like to contribute towards the website.

Your contribution will be used to fund running and development costs of the Cuban Cigar website, and will allow the website to remain access and advert free.  Any donation amount, even $5, will help and will be gratefully appreciated.

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logo Acknowledgements

This site would not have developed without the support, contribution and encouragement of many people.

There are many individuals who have supplied extensive information and images on specialist items. Many have put in substantial time and effort. Their generous assistance is gratefully acknowledged.

Many have also opened their humidors and generously gifted or traded scarce cigars to display on this website.

Finally, many thanks to the website users who have made a cash contribution towards the running and development costs of the website.

Trevor Leask

Min Ron Nee
MRN book Special acknowledgement is made to Min Ron Nee (a nom-de-plume) for his contribution to the world of Cuban Cigars, by the publication of his magnificent book An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars.

He has very generously granted formal authorisation for me to use any of his photos from his book in my CubanCigarWebsite.

He has also provided encouragement, advice and information that has been used either directly in the website or for research purposes. These invaluable gestures are greatly appreciated.

For a short review of this MRN classic book - click here

logo Reference Books

The following reference books were consulted during the initial development, checking, and upgrading of information on this website:

The books are listed in release date order.

You can click the Book's Title to display a short book review & photograph.

The Great Book of The Habano
Adriano Martinez Rius - 2010.

Vitolario de Habanos Guide
Habanos S.A - 2008.

The Habanos Size Guide Posters 2006
Habanos S.A First Edition - May 2007 (set of 4).

An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars
Min Ron Nee - First Edition - Second Reprint, July 2005.

The Great Habano Factories
Adriana Martinez Rius - First English Edition, 2005.

Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars
Richard B Perelman - Third Edition, 2005.

The Complete Guide for Habanos' Enthusiasts
Habanos S.A. - Issue 1, April 2003.

Cultivating a Tradition of Perfection (An Enthusiast's Guide to Habanos)
Habanos S.A.. - First Edition, September 2002.

Rudman's Complete Pocket Guide to Cigars
Theo Rudman - Fourth Edition, June 2001.

Habano the King
Adriana Martinez Rius - First English Edition, 1999.

Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars
Richard B Perelman - Second Edition, 1998.

Havana Cigars
Gerard Pere et Fils - First Edition, 1997.

Perelman's Pocket Cyclopaedia of Havana Cigars
Richard B Perelman - First Edition, 1997.

Havana Cigars 1817 - 1960
Enzo A Infante - First Edition, 1997.

The Havana Cigar
Charles del Todesco - English Language Edition, 1996.

The Connoisseurs Guide to Havana Cigars
Gerard Pere et Fils - English Language Edition, 1992.

The Gourmet Guide to Cigars
Paul B K Garmirian - First Edition, 1990.

The Connoisseur´s Book of the Cigar
Zino Davidoff - First (English) Edition, 1969.

logo Copyright Policy

The following statements set out the copyright and usage policy for information and images on this website:


Linking to this website or to an individual webpage is permitted.

Duplication of webpages is prohibited!


Information on this website may be freely used.

When this information is quoted in a forum, a suitable acknowledgement is requested.

When this information is used in another cigar-related website a suitable acknowledgement is required (in the form of a prominently displayed statement together with an active back-link to this website).


All images are copyright. The use of these images (except for private, or individual, or non-commercial use) is prohibited!

Linking to individual images, for discussion purposes on an appropriate forum, is permitted.

The reason for this policy is that many of the images on this website have been provided by individuals or companies, who retain the copyright on their images.

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