Flor del Punto


Brand Notes

Flor del Punto is a Discontinued post-revolution brand made for exclusively distribution by Alfred Dunhill of London.
It was established in the mid to late-1960s, and discontinued in 1982.

Alfred Dunhill of London had three Exclusive Brands that were discontinued in 1982 when the Cuban Dunhill brand was introduced.

Cigar Bands

Standard Band A
Late-1960s to 1982 -- Discontinued

Typical Packaging

image image

Discontinued Cigars
Flor del Punto
Seleccion No.301 Cervantes 42 x 165 Lonsdale image SBN25.
Seleccion No.302 Coronas 42 x 142 Corona image SBN25.
Seleccion No.303 Marevas 42 x 129 Petit Corona image SBN25.
Seleccion No.304 Unknown ~40 x ~160 Lonsdale image SBN50.
Seleccion No.305 Unknown ~42 x ~160 Lonsdale image SBN25.
Seleccion No.307 Carolinas 26 x 121 Small Panetela image SBN25.
Cigars: Handmade.
Bands: Standard band A.
Status: 1970s releases. Discontinued in 1982.

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