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Brand Notes

Habanos S.A. was formed in 1994 and is the trademark name of Habanos Sociedad Anomina.

In 1996 it took over the commercial (sales) responsibilities from Cubatabaco.
In 2000 the French / Spanish company Altadis S.A. purchases a 50% share of Habanos S.A.
In 2007 Britain’s Imperial Tobacco purchased 100% of Altadis S.A.

They have released 2 special Commemorative humidors under the Habanos S.A. name.

Standard Cigar Bands
Full band gallary

Special Releases
1994 - 1994 Humidor Commemorative Release
Grand CoronaCoronas Gordas46 x 143 (5.6")Grand Corona
Habanos Grand Corona Grand Corona

Habanos Grand Corona 1994 Humidor Band

1994 Humidor
Cigars:Handmade. Made in the H. Upmann factory.
Bands:Special "1994" band.
Packaging:Numbered Humidor of 50 cigars (502 made).
Status:A 1994 release.
History:Released to commemorate the establishment of Habanos S.A.
2000 - Festival 2000 Box Commemorative Release
Petit CoronaMarevas42 x 129 (5.1")Petit Corona
Habanos Petit Corona Petit Corona

Habanos Petit Corona Festival 2000 Band

Festival 2000 Box
Cigars:Handmade. Made in the H. Upmann factory.
Bands:Special "Festival del La Habana 2000" band.
Packaging:Varnished Boîte Nature Box of 25 cigars.
Status:A 2000 release.  They were available for sale worldwide. Approximately 1,500 believed to be made.
History:Released to commemorate the second Habanos festival in 2000.
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